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The cosmic cataclysm open source novel

The Cosmic Cataclysm will be released for free on the Ibook, Kindle,Nook and Kobo
platforms.The best way to write it is in a series of chronicles which makes the
most sense since if the novel iswritten by multiple people in order to preven
breaks in the logic of the plot it would be much easierto work with and more

Sign up with Yuku to start novel. (Free open source novel and anyone and everyone can write it)


Stop US debt default!

This is the petition I created and I hope it becomes popular since this will f*?k up the worlds economy !

I wrote this…

I wrote this short Fantasy/Fairy tale since I needed a break from finishing my International thriller, since it’s taking me soo much time but I should be done soon!

Just uploaded the classic stories

I just uploaded the classic fairy tales, I just need to polish them up.