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11/24- Thanks

In a global credit crisis, global energy crisis, global debt crisis and a Middle East crisis, all I have to say is that at least I have a roof over my head since things could be worse! One of the themes of the Novella is that history goes in cycles, from Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and this too shall pass.
The West is in the decline but so is the rest of the world but things will get better in time.

Kim Kardashian: Symbol of the US in rapid Decline

I posted on Kim Kardashian’s Facebook wall, “No offense but you’re a symbol of America in rapid decline.” This post was deleted within 1 full minute. I sure I will get something from FB saying I spammed but I never spammed and just spoke the truth on her website which was censored. No doubt she is very pretty and has a nice body but she represents the decline of the USA. She gets paid to Party while millions of Americans struggle to pay their bills or even Eat. She was born into massive wealth and never had to work for what she has and she goes through men faster then Charlie Sheen does lines of Coke.
She represents Elitism, she is the .1% and didnt work for it. Note: If you worked for it you earned it and you created jobs and capital in the process thats how money works (Apple, Microsoft, Cisco or even the millions of Mom and Pop small businesses around the county are examples). But what does she do? She represents conspicous consumption to a degree only seen by the times of Marie Antoinette. Not to be a hater but you represent the Decline of the US. You are not responsible since societies do go through life cycles but you are its symbol.

Anyway email me or post on my wall and tell me what your thoughts regarding this.

Meritocracy and more…

Free ebook give away has ended.

Been reading a new book which I will review soon on the site and

NYTimes article on Meritocracy is reckless

This is my response to the article above:

“Anyone that is against meritocracy is a horrible elitist who wants to damage what little freedom we have left.”

Happy Halloween!

Since this is a story in which a theme is Halloween if you email me – You can get a free copy of the novel at thewitchandthesunflowergirl (at) gmail (dot) com.