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5-7-2012- Finishing a novel is tough and US is in slow steady decline

Two issues:


The Elephant in the room: US is in a slow steady decline-

The Elephant in the room that the media and politicans will not talk about is that the USA is in
a slow decline. I used to think it would be a rapid decline, something that could happen very fast, like what happened to the Soviet Union which is what Niall Ferguson had spoken about in that History can be and has been non-linear.  But that doesnt seem to be the case since Europe, China, Russia, India and the rest of the world have their own problems that seem to to have shielded the USA to a degree. The good news is that the US is the “Best of the Worst.”

Anyway but why and how is  the US is in a slow decline? The cost of living this past decade has risen as has our trade deficit and budget deficit and many good jobs have been shipped overseas.
And in order to get a quality job one must spend a massive amount on college, so much that the debt almost or actually does cancel out the benefits of taking on the student loans. It seems that most Americans and most people around the world are on a treadmill,  working and not really getting ahead and saving and their savings rate and interest on savings or investments seems to fall behind the real cost of living that the US government or any government for that matter correctly calculate. It seems that governments would rather have stagflation for a decade then
sharp deflation for a year or 2 which will make it that much harder to fix the problems we have.


Predicting the future is impossible but since I enjoy doing it, my best guess is that this next decade will be a slow choppy economy with bouts of stagflation, GLOBAL STAGFLATION.



Finishing up an International thriller  is taking a VERY long time, I seem to make progress
in jumps but it should be done soon. I am working on 4 chapters that are weak and need to get cleaned up. I should be “done” in a few months. The first 2 chapters will be released for free in the future. The good news is that I will likely work or have someone hammer out a screenplay of the book :) FYI- The book will be HUGE. I just takes time and effort.



The ebook “The Witch and the Sunflower girl” attempts to create a very good story with lots of truth and meaning.  The International thriler I’m almost done with is a very fast paced “movie-like” book with a puzzle plot. Both are very different and were a huge learning experience.

The good news is that as of May 2012 if you email me at [email protected] the ebook is 100% FREE