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6/28/13- Final edits and Tweaks to novel

Editing and tweaking a novel takes forever but the good news I should be done soon- better to wait and make it great than good with a few flaws.

I will put up the first page of the Novel and Screenplay  here and Facebook very soon. I need to make sure its good since the web can be very fickle.

One of the better articles on the web- Matt is a Pitbull for the truth.

Interesting thing is that my thriller novel which is done, (And it will be published soon) – since its an International thriller with a war in the Middle East, NYC terrorism,  assassinations, Cops, soldiers, heroes, lovers, Wallstreet, spies, moles, double agents, Villains, shoot outs, hand to hand combat, computer and cell phone hacking, drone warfare, data mining etc… I’m sure the NSA data mining programs  are  picking up  on it-