Book is unpublished and will be republished in 2015 with some updates- Over 10,000 downloads!

3/19/14- “Almost done”


Maybe this year or sometime next year Thriller will be published with full Screenplay- My brain is fried but Im almost done! Enjoy the pictures of the Game of Thrones Premiere!

Fairy tale will be republished with Tons of New Art also.


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Happy Holidays!

News, this book will soon be stopped being epublished (read unable to downloaded) since Im going to re-publish it aka 2nd Edition with a ton of new artwork in 2014.

Get your free copy today and check back in 2014 for a new copy with fantastical new art.

My International thriller novel and screenplay are doing well, novel should be published by 2014 or 2015 at the latest and

the screenplay should be done around the same time.


I decided to delay releasing the International thriller to literary agents and publishers since I want to make sure the novel is exceptional. Since I now see the ending of the finish line, it’s clear I need to make sure I take the extra time to ensure its total success.

As Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto famously quipped, “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”


But some good news is that the 2nd Edition of the Witch Fairy Tale should be out sometime in 2014 with tons of great new Artwork.


International Thriller is tentatively done, just needs a few minor tweaks (I need to make sure its close to perfection)- 5 years (I have a full time job but +5 years of work)  Screenplay conversation of novel first rough draft is done- Needs a few months to be sharp.

Interesting thing is that my thriller novel which is done, (And it will be published soon 2014?) – since its an International thriller with a Middle Eastern War, Terrorism, assassinations, Cops, soldiers, heroes, lovers, Villains, shoot outs, hand to hand combat, computer hacking etc… I’m sure the NSA is picking up the data on it.

In a week or so Ill post first pages of Screenplay and Novel as a comparison.


6/28/13- Final edits and Tweaks to novel

Editing and tweaking a novel takes forever but the good news I should be done soon- better to wait and make it great than good with a few flaws.

I will put up the first page of the Novel and Screenplay  here and Facebook very soon. I need to make sure its good since the web can be very fickle.

One of the better articles on the web- Matt is a Pitbull for the truth.


Interesting thing is that my thriller novel which is done, (And it will be published soon) – since its an International thriller with a war in the Middle East, NYC terrorism,  assassinations, Cops, soldiers, heroes, lovers, Wallstreet, spies, moles, double agents, Villains, shoot outs, hand to hand combat, computer and cell phone hacking, drone warfare, data mining etc… I’m sure the NSA data mining programs  are  picking up  on it-




So far over +11,000 downloads of my Free Ebook and over 6000 Likes! Thanks that’s great news.

International thriller is about 3-6 weeks away from final edits- Editing takes just as long or longer than the first draft but not as long as outlining. Its like putting a Swiss watch together blindfolded.

Screenplay is very rough, about 70% white draft (first draft in SW lingo) finished.

My May or June Ill post stuff on Screenplay and novel.


3/10/2013 Book has been free for about a year- Lets get 100,000 copies

The good news is that as of May 2012 just email me at [email protected] (DOT) com the ebook is 100% FREE

I would love to get 100,000 free copies out there- So far its less then 10,000 (Im in a rut) – You can download it free at Smashwords and email me and Ill fire it of to you ASAP.

Formats are Nook, Amazon and Apple.com


Sent my thriller to the editor, writing this book took over 5 years, my brain is fried like Charlie Sheen on a bender in a brothel.

Now its on to a sequel!

I know it will be huge. This is my prediction and I’m predicting it months in advance but a few stars have to align for it to be a success.

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Happy Holidays –

My ebook is free for the holidays if anyone wants it- email me at thewitchandthesunflowergirl (AT symbol) gmail.com ( No spam bots plz)

One can download it for free in Smashwords format also with the links below-

My International Thriller is almost done, lots of editing should be out sometime in 2013.