The Cosmic Cataclysm:creative commons Novel

The Cosmic Cataclysm: A creative commons novel




The Cosmic Cataclysm will be released for free on the Ibook, Kindle,Nook and Kobo
platforms.The best way to write it is in a series of chronicles which makes the
most sense since if the novel iswritten by multiple people in order to preven
breaks in the logic of the plot it would be much easierto work with and more
scalable. This is a multi year online project.

This is something I am putting on the backburner for now but in the future Ill hammer out a few short stories and release them for free as open source-



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Story and plot and rough draft all in public domain (A free open source novel) and
unlike other public domain novels we encourage other authors to HELP OUT AND
WRITE IT like the Linux operating system which is a software application that
has hundreds of volunteers.


Anyone can write, edit, this public domain novel.

To get started email me at firewallfortressdotcom   AT  hot

(I created spaces to prevent bot spam) and sign up with yuku.

If anyone wants to design a video game based on this premise let me know.

The premise of the novel is the SUN gives off a massive electro-magnetic pulse and the
entire world goes dark. All satalittes and computers are broken and it will
take 5 years or more to get back online.
We are very dependant on electronics and subtle things need to be in the
1) All computers will be fried

2) Cars will not work

3) police radios will not work

4) banks will not work

5) The internet will not work

6 ) Cell phones will not work

7) Radios will not work

8) Anything electronic will not work (and should be
consistant with that to make the novel easier to write.

9) Planes, trains etc…

Plot- not fully developed (Very brief)

A family (Husband, Wife and child) are separated when this
happens and in the chaos of NYC. The start of the novel-


Have to find each other to survive (Their goal) then flee
the city.

In this type of world, governments will have a very hard time staying in control and working. Flashlights, matches, and firearms will be very valuable.

The novel is speculative fiction

The goal of this novel is to get the general public writing
and will be a multiyear project.

The novel will be for free.

The website will be supported by me Just help me out by
purchasing my ebook Thanks!

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